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Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion: An Echo in the Darkness (Series #2) (Paperback)

Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion: An Echo in the Darkness (Series #2) (Paperback)

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Book 2 in the 3-book historical Christian fiction series by the New York Times bestselling author of Redeeming Love and A Voice in the Wind.

From Francine Rivers comes the "compelling" and "emotionally charged" (Booklist, starred review) second installment in of the story of Hadassah, a courageous Christian slave girl with unrelenting faith, and Marcus, the Roman aristocrat who claims her heart.

Believed dead, Hadassah finds employment helping a doctor in the poor section of first-century Rome and discovers an ability to heal others through the power of her faith. When Julia falls ill, Hadassah is forced to confront a difficult decision: should she return to the Valerian household, risking exposure and death, to help her former tormentor in the Christian tradition?

Continuing to search for meaning and faith, Marcus turns away from the opulence of Rome, led by a whispering voice from the past into a journey that could set him free from the darkness of his soul.

Includes discussion questions suitable for individual use or group discussions.

"Francine unlocks the longing in each one of us to connect to God in a deeper, life-changing way. No one reading her books will ever be the same again."
--Debbie Macomber

"As we 'watch' Hadassah and Atretes struggle through first-century trials, we learn how to handle similar situations in the twenty-first century. The 'costumes' may vary, but our Lord does not change."
--Angela Hunt

"Francine redefined Christian fiction--honest, unflinching, powerful, life-changing--demonstrating why storytelling is the most effective way to communicate God's truth. Every Christian novelist writing today owes a debt of gratitude to Francine Rivers for lighting the way."
--Liz Curtis Higgs

"Francine Rivers writes from her heart to touch the hearts of her readers. Her books are essential reading for all who love Christian fiction."
--Bodie Thoene

"Francine Rivers puts readers right into the history of the moment."
--Romantic Times • Author: Francine Rivers • ISBN:9780842313070 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2002-09-01




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Mark of the Lion


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Francine Rivers


An Echo in the Darkness



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September, 2002

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