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Four Seasons

Four Seasons 97310 A/C Compressor

Four Seasons 97310 A/C Compressor

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Please contact us for a guarantee fit! Warranty: All our Re-manufactured Compressors are backed with a 180 day warranty. If you receive a malfunctioning compressor we will replace the compressor or give you your money back! Important Note: When replacing an A/C Compressor, we strongly recommend that the following steps are taken to ensure that the compressor does not malfunction or is damaged: • Flush the system • Add the correct amount of refrigerant oil (e.g. PAG 46, 100, 150) • Replace the Accumulator or Drier • Replace the Condenser (if required) • Replace Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube **FAILURE TO DO THE ABOVE MAY CAUSE SYSTEM FAILURE AND VOID YOUR WARRANTY** Additional Information: Please note that we are not responsible for labor expenses, towing expenses, additional repair expenses, rental car expenses or other related expenses caused by the duration of time required for you to receive the part(s) you ordered, or caused by any of the listed problems and any additional time required to fix them, or caused by the use of wrong, broken or defective part(s) during and/or after installation. PLUGS/SENSORS & MANIFOLDS: On some units you will need to use the original coil plugs or sensors, connectors & manifolds. There are many different types of plugs on the coil connections. Most of the time, you will have to use the original plug from your unit. Four Seasons 97310 A/C Compressor
  • Four Seasons 97310 A/C Compressor
  • Belt Type : Serpentine
  • Clutch Included : Yes
  • Clutch Pulley Diameter (in) : 4.6875
  • Coil Clock Position : Wire Lead
  • Coil Voltage (2H) : 12


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

11.38 x 7.00 x 7.75 Inches

SKU: WA879321904

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