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Firestone FireHawk A/S 215/45R17 91 V Tire

Firestone FireHawk A/S 215/45R17 91 V Tire

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The Firestone FireHawk A/S is an all-season high performance tire specially designed for everyday drivers who are looking for year-round traction and extended treadwear at an economical price. Ideal for performance sedans, sports cars, and sporty coupes, the Firehawk AS gives you confidence to drive on the road during dry, wet, and even light snow conditions. This is thanks to the asymmetric tread design molded with silica-enhanced, long link carbon tread compound which creates a strong grip and biting edges on the road even when its wet, slushy, and slippery. The multiple groove channels evacuate water efficiently all while reducing risk for hydroplaning. And because there are numerous full-depth grooves and sipes, tire performance is better and treadwear is slower. Within the internal structure are twin steel belts supported by polyester casing which improve handling precision and high-speed capability.
  • The FireHawk A/S is an all-season, high-performance tire
  • Backed by a 40,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty for W-speed rated sizes and a 50,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty for H- and V-speed rated sizes
  • Large channels within the tread quickly evacuate water to reduce the risk of hydroplaning
  • Built with extra biting edges that increase traction in snowy conditions
  • Full depth tread features allow for sporty performance throughout the life of the tire


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