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E M Moores; Rhodes W Fairbridge

E M Moores; Rhodes W Fairbridge Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences: Encyclopedia of European and Asian Regional Geology (Hardcover)

E M Moores; Rhodes W Fairbridge Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences: Encyclopedia of European and Asian Regional Geology (Hardcover)

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This unique volume, organized alphabetically by country, provides a current overview of the general geology of Europe and Asia, excluding the Arab countries and Israel. Articles primarily contain information about the stratigraphy, structure, tectonics and natural resources of each country, as well as a history of geological exploration and other issues unique to each country.
Additional articles cover international subjects such as Europe, Asia, the Alps, Caucasus, Himalayas and Tien Shan mountains. Many articles are new syntheses, e.g. those on Iceland, Burma and the Philippines; some are first-time descriptions in English, e.g. those on Estonia, Moldova, Bosnia and Turkmenistan; others are published for the first time ever in any language e.g. those articles on Italy, Korea and Vietnam. Each entry is typically written by a native geologist or a geologist with extensive experience in the region, and entries include representative figures illustrating main geologic features and a selected bibliography of relevant publications generally accessible in libraries.
Articles are written assuming some general geological background. The Encyclopedia will serve as a valuable source book for libraries, and will be a key reference for academic and professional personnel in industrial exploration firms and governmental agencies, as well as for university students. • ISBN:9780412740404 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:1997-11-30




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Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences



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E M Moores, Rhodes W Fairbridge


Encyclopedia of European and Asian Regional Geology



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November, 1997

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