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Duraflame Gold 2.5lb Firelogs, 6-Pack Case, Brighter 1.5 Hour Burn

Duraflame Gold 2.5lb Firelogs, 6-Pack Case, Brighter 1.5 Hour Burn

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Duraflame Gold Firelogs are made from an ultra-premium blend of recycled wood, agricultural fibers, and wax. They are specially designed to burn brighter and bolder than regular 1-2 hour firelogs, providing a warm ambiance and a premier fire experience. The brighter burning firelog is fast lighting and lights fully in less than five minutes. They burn for over 1.5 hours and are perfect for any night of the week. Duraflame Gold Firelogs burn 80 percent cleaner than regular wood allowing for a safer and more comfortable experience.

  • Duraflame Gold Brighter Burning 2.5lb Firelogs, 6-Pack Case, Brighter 1.5 Hour Burn
  • Fast Lighting: Lights fully in less than 5 minutes
  • Bigger brighter flames than regular 1-2 hour logs
  • Burns over 1.5 hours*
  • Designed for use in indoor open-hearth fireplaces. May also be used in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.
  • Burns Cleaner than Wood: Duraflame firelogs light faster and burn more completely than firewood, and because far less material is consumed when burning a firelog, significantly fewer pollutants are emitted than a comparable wood fire.
  • Saves Trees: A duraflame firelog consumes 80% less material than a comparable 1-2 hour wood fire, and burning firelogs instead of wood results in significantly fewer trees cut down for use as firewood
  • UL approved safety classification for use in UL-listed factory built fireplaces
  • Chimney Safety Institute of America Accepted Product
  • *For optimal burn time, follow all instructions on the packaging and burn on a grate with spacing 3 inches or less apart. Loosen wrapper to create an air pocket before lighting. Package must be oriented and lit in the correct manner. Various climatic conditions may affect burn time.

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