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Delphi FE0127 Electric Fuel Pump Motor

Delphi FE0127 Electric Fuel Pump Motor

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As a leading OE supplier to the automotive industry, Delphi holds more than 30 OE-proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and pump design. As a result, our fuel pumps restore fast-pressure performance and system integrity to provide better pumping through less energy. Delphi fuel pumps feature internal springs for increased durability and enhanced stability, while a lower amperage draw places less load on a vehicles electrical system. Our fuel pumps include a large volume reservoir to better handle low-fuel situations and vehicle cornering, as well as fuel-level, gold-filled sensors for improved corrosion resistance. Other benefits of our fuel pumps include consistent pump flow, an enhanced filtration system for longer pump life and an OE-service body harness and connector for superior performance, durability and ease of installation.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Delphi brings 80 + years of OE Heritage into each Delphi pump, ensuring quality and fitment for each Delphi part.
  • Delphi is a global OE manufacturer and all fuel pumps are built to Delphi's OE standards
  • Rigorous OE-testing ensures the pump can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -32 C to 65 C
  • Replacing the fuel filter and strainer is always recommended when replacing a fuel pump
  • OEM Part Number ‎E2025, E2071S, E2089S, E2090S, E2091S, E2125S, E2127S, E2138S, E2141S, E2143S, E2484, EP2107H, EP401, 951-3000, E0TZ 9350-B, E0TZ 9350-C, E0TZ 9350-D, E35Y 9350-A, E3SZ 9350-A, E3TZ 9350-C, E3UZ 9350-A, E3ZZ 9350-A, E4LY 9H307-A




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