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David W Deamer; Alexander G Volkov; David W Deamer

David W Deamer; Alexander G Volkov; David W Deamer Liquid-Liquid Interfacestheory and Methods : Theory and Methods (Hardcover)

David W Deamer; Alexander G Volkov; David W Deamer Liquid-Liquid Interfacestheory and Methods : Theory and Methods (Hardcover)

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This book provides a modern account of research on liquid-liquid interfaces, with particular emphasis on charge transfer effects. It discusses their applications in biotechnology such as drug delivery, mineral extraction processes, and the manufacture of biosensors.

Update your knowledge of the chemical, biological, and physical properties of liquid-liquid interfaces with Liquid-Liquid Interfaces: Theory and Methods. This valuable reference presents a broadly based account of current research in liquid-liquid interfaces and is ideal for researchers, teachers, and students. Internationally recognized investigators of electrochemical, biological, and photochemical effects in interfacial phenomena share their own research results and extensively review the results of others working in their area.
Because of its unusually wide breadth, this book has something for everyone interested in liquid-liquid interfaces. Topics include interfacial and phase transfer catalysis, electrochemistry and colloidal chemistry, ion and electron transport processes, molecular dynamics, electroanalysis, liquid membranes, emulsions, pharmacology, and artificial photosynthesis. Enlightening discussions explore biotechnological applications, such as drug delivery, separation and purification of nuclear waste, catalysis, mineral extraction processes, and the manufacturing of biosensors and ion-selective electrodes.
Liquid-Liquid Interfaces: Theory and Methods is a well-written, informative, one-stop resource that will save you time and energy in your search for the latest information on liquid-liquid interfaces.

• Author: Alexander G Volkov,David W Deamer • ISBN:9780849376948 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:1996-02-02





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Alexander G Volkov, David W Deamer


Liquid-Liquid Interfacestheory and Methods



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February, 1996

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