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Daler-Rowney Simply Pencil Artist Sketching Set, 13 Pieces

Daler-Rowney Simply Pencil Artist Sketching Set, 13 Pieces

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Show Us How You "Simply" Create

This sketching set represents a choice of essential drawing and sketching materials valued by any artist. The pencils, the pastels and the charcoal sticks can be used individually or mixed and blended using the paper sticks to create a variety of effects and styles. The four pencils range in different hardness, giving you versatility when you create. Total contents include 4 sketching pencils, 2 pastel sticks, 2 charcoal sticks, 2 paper blending sticks, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a block of sandpaper sheets. Perfect for both a beginner, and a more experienced artist.

Daler-Rowney Simply Pencil Artist Sketching Set, 13 Piece

  • Pencil drawing set featuring an eraser, pencil sharpener, and sandpaper sheets for finetuning
  • Includes 4 sketching pencils, 2 pastel sticks, 2 charcoal sticks, and 2 paper blending sticks
  • Assorted color selection for original artwork
  • Ideal for both a beginner level artist, and a more experienced artist

How to Simply Draw A Bird

Step 1:  The graphite sketching pencils are offered in different grades. The 2B and the B are the hardest of the soft category, whereas 8B is super soft. Ideal for shading, dark tones. Jennie recommends paper above 100gsm for this tutorial.  

Step 2: Start with a 4B pencil, to map out the areas of the bird. Tip: to draw the wigs, imagine an upside-down egg shape.

Step 3: Use a 6B to make the outline stronger. And with a B, using the pencil quite hard to make even stronger lines. Tip: draw everything that is around the eyes and the beak for more consistency!

Step 4:  Draw the feathers using an 8B pencil. Tip: always keep some white in the eyes for more realistic results.

Step 5:  Use the rubber to tidy a bit your drawing.

Step 6: Go back to the B, the hardest pencil, and start to add the details of the feet of the bird.

Step 7: Add some shadows to give gravity and weight to the bird.

Step 8:  Know when to stop, when it looks finish, do not do more. You can also use the pencils on the side for light effects.

Step 9: Finally, use the blending stick to add some gradient on the edges of your bird.

About Daler-Rowney

Our products touch the lives of artists in every step of their artistic journey, from early childhood drawings to abstract canvases to adorn walls. We endeavor to inspire artists of all ages and open up new opportunities for their need to create. Enjoy the experience!




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