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Clorox® Pool & Spa™

Clorox® Pool & Spa™ Pool Salt for Saltwater Swimming Pools

Clorox® Pool & Spa™ Pool Salt for Saltwater Swimming Pools

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Clorox® Pool & Spa™ Pool Salt is a high-purity Sodium Chloride, all-natural choice for your saltwater pool. The ultra-fine granules are easy to apply and ensure a quick dissolve time. This product is intended for systems that require direct application of salt to pool water. Your salt chlorine generator owner’s manual will provide you with detailed information regarding salt level requirements. Typically, saltwater pools operate between 3000-4000 ppm (parts per million). Our high purity swimming pool salt should only be used in pools that are equipped with salt chlorine generators. Refer to the guide on the back of the package when determining how much salt to apply to your pool. Shop pool salt 40 lb. bags at
  • Clorox® Pool & Spa™ Pool Salt is the all-natural choice for your swimming pool
  • Our high purity pool salt will keep your pool clean and crystal clear.
  • Ultra fine granules dissolve quickly so that you can enjoy your pool faster.
  • Saltwater pools are a low-maintenance option that provide an effective alternative to chlorine pools. This all-natural option is easy to use as directed on the back of the bag.
  • Saltwater is a great option for all ages! Saltwater pools are gentle on hair, skin, eyes and swimwear!



fast dissolving


Ultra Fines

Recommended Use

Pools with salt water chlorinators

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

3.50 x 12.50 x 19.00 Inches

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