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Chaz Jankel

Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You: Anthology 1980-1986 - CD

Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You: Anthology 1980-1986 - CD

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He was the musical mastermind behind debut New Boots And Panties and it's follow up Do It Yourself. Jankel's solo career was launched with the song 'Ai No Corrida', which appeared on his self-titled debut album, but was mainly known via the version recorded by Quincy Jones on his The Dude album, which was a worldwide hit in 1981 (#14 UK, #28 US). The follow-up album, Chasanova (Questionnaire in US) was notable for the big US club hit 'Glad To Know You', which went to #1 in the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, staying there for seven weeks. It was the biggest selling 12-inch single of 1982. It was one of several collaborations between Jankel and Ian Dury, who wrote the sardonic lyrics to the song. Several of the tracks for Chazablanca were recorded at Chris Blackwell's Compass Point Studios, where Chaz worked with legendary Jamaican sound engineer Steve Stanley (Kendall Stubbs also contributed bass to this album). Several of the songs on Chazablanca and Questionnaire were co-writes with Laura Weymouth, sister of Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club. Chaz's final album for A&M, Looking At You, included the club hit 'Number One', which was included on the soundtrack for BratPack comedy Real Genius, starring Val Kilmer. This was also another co-write with Ian Dury. All the albums demonstrate both Jankel's keen ear for melody but also his willingness to experiment with rhythms, forms and styles, from the Kraftwerkian '3,000,000 Synths' to criminally underrated R&B of 'Tell Me Tell Me'. Included in the package are five CDs, which comprise the four solo albums originally released on A&M of which only two; Looking At You (released in Germany) and Chaz Jankel (released in the UK in 2005) ever came out on CD. There is a bonus CD which includes various dance remixes, single edits and bonus tracks from 12-inch releases over the period 1980 - 1986. The vast majority of the material here has never been available digitally anywhere before. The bonus CD was compiled by acclaimed DJ and writer - Bill Brewster - and this gorgeous package also includes a Bill Brewster penned essay, detailing the career of Chaz taken from extensive interviews with the author.

Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You: Anthology 1980-1986 - CD


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Chaz Jankel

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Chaz Jankel

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Ai No Corrida,Peace at Last,Just a Thought,Lenta Latina,Fuse,Am I Honest with Myself Really,Reverie,109,Johnny Funk,Now You're Dancing,Magic of Music,Glad to Know You,Boy,Questionnaire,3000000 Synths,Glad to Know You,Questionnaire,Theme to Chazablanca,Without You,I Can Get Over It (If You Can Get Over Here),Tell Me,Pretty Thing,Whisper,All I Want to Do Is Dance,Davis,Thank You Very Much,Hard Music,Tonight's Our Night,Rhythm in My Life,Little Eva,Eastern Light,Number One,Tell Me Tell Me,Looking at You,The Boy on the Bridge,Love Rhythms,You're My Occupation (Extended) (Featuring Brenda Jones),Rêve de Chèvre,109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember),(Special Extended Version),Without You (Extended Version),To Woo Lady Kong,Am I Honest with Myself Really (Edit),No. 1 (Manhattan Mix),Johnny Funk (Extended),3000000 Synths (Single Edit),Tonight's the Night (Edit),You're My Occupation,(Dub Version Remix),No. 1 (Dub Mix)

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