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Bosch: Adjustable Height Pretend Play Workbench - 48 Pcs Tool Playset, Ages 3+

Bosch: Adjustable Height Pretend Play Workbench - 48 Pcs Tool Playset, Ages 3+

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"Bosch 48-part Workbench - The height-adjustable workbench is made of high-quality plastic and is exceptionally robust. Its equipment is also unusual ' the work surface not only has a toy belt sander that sounds like the real thing, it also has a sound function with lots of typical workshop sounds. This makes it even more fun to work hard with the saw, the pliers, the hammer, the vice and the drill. All these items and much more are included in the equipment supplied with the play workbench in the popular Bosch design: all the tools have rounded-off edges, child-friendly shapes and fit perfectly into little hands. The high quality of the set guarantees many years of fun and also fosters your children's development: using screws and building things trains their motor skills and helps them to develop spatial awareness and creativity. The Bosch-design workbench is height-adjustable to either 30, 31.5 or 33 inches. The work surface with integrated learning function has two different sound functions: a belt sander sound and a workshop sound. The workbench comes with a saw, a pair of pliers, a hammer, a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. The equipment supplied also includes a vice, a drill and a belt sander, as well as screws, nuts and short and long strips of wood. Dimensions: 20.67 x 10.63 x 33.07 inches."
  • Theo Klein 8241 Bosch Workbench with 48 parts I Height-adjustable legs, I Work surface has a wide range of functions and battery-powered devices Incl. hammer, saw, adjustable wrench & much more!
  • The workbench that grows with your child ' it can be adjusted to either 30, 31.5 or 33 inches in height.
  • The Bosch-design workbench comes with tools such as a saw, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and lots more besides.
  • The work surface has a belt sander sound and a workshop sound and is especially popular.
  • With this Bosch workbench, which is equipped with high-quality products, and the learning function of the work surface, children can develop their motor skills and learn how to handle tools.




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21.00 x 10.60 x 33.00 Inches

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