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Body & Oral Piercing Spray

Body & Oral Piercing Spray

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This Body and Oral Piercing Spray from Body Magic helps cleanse and heal all your piercings. Simply spray your piercing a few times a day and feel the cleansing powers of the sea salt. Magic sea salt spray is a sterile solution that contains only natural ingredients and is designed specifically for your body and oral piercings. It contains a water-based formula, which allows your skin to breathe and heal quickly. This Body and Oral Piercing Spray from Body Magic comes in a bottle with an easy-to-use spray dispenser. Make it an essential and regular part of your health and hygiene regimen so your body art remains clean, sanitary and beautiful.
Body and Oral Piercing Spray:
  • Body Jewelry BODY MAGIC Piercings Spray
  • Sea Salt Spray
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cleansing and healing properties
  • Body piercing spray from Body Magic contains sterile solution in a water-based formula
  • Helps skin around piercings to breathe properly and become healthier

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