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Blackhawk BAR26 235/75R17.5 Load J 18 Ply All Position Commercial Tire

Blackhawk BAR26 235/75R17.5 Load J 18 Ply All Position Commercial Tire

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Blackhawk BAR26


  • All Season Tire
  • Long Tread Life
  • Enhanced Controllability


The Blackhawk BAR26 is a highway terrain, all season tire made for commercial vehicles. This model can be installed on all axle positions of the vehicle.

The tire has a five-rib tread design that sits securely on the road with a flat footprint. Its circumferential ribs are full of lateral sipes for increased traction. These sipes cross through the groove walls, getting the tire ready to establish traction in all weather conditions that await throughout the year. The tire is made of a rubber compound mix that enhances all season traction. The grooves and sipes are not only great for aquaplaning resistance, but also provide more than enough biting edges for the tire to rely on.

The tire has two shoulder ribs that are wider than the ones in the center. These are called sidewall protector ribs and they are specifically designed to defend the tire from curb damage, cuts and abrasion. In the end, this greatly extends the tread life of the tire. There are various tread angles on the tire that take care of stone ejection and self-cleaning, further preserving wear life. Other than that, the tire has a flat footprint and a tread pattern that keeps irregular wear at bay.

The tread design of this model is also beneficial for controllability. The grooves with the micro-sipes provide a lot more biting edges than the usual. This way, surface contact is optimized and the tire gains a secure base. The tire tread evenly distributes the driving pressure, resulting in uniform wear. If the wear is uniform, the driving stability and steering responsiveness stays the same as well. This is how the Blackhawk BAR26 preserves its tread and its capabilities.

  • Size: 235 75R17.5
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Highway
  • Car Type: Commercial
  • Load Range: J (18 Ply)
  • Product May Vary From Picture
  • Tire Rim Not Included



Size: 235 75R17.5

Tire Size


Vehicle Type


Tire Width


Wheel Diameter

17.5 Inches

Tire Speed Rating


Tire Season


Tread Depth




Assembled Product Weight

69 lb



Manufacturer Part Number




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