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Birol Kilkis; Sadik Kakaç

Birol Kilkis; Sadik Kakaç NATO Science Series E:: Energy Storage Systems (Series #167) (Paperback)

Birol Kilkis; Sadik Kakaç NATO Science Series E:: Energy Storage Systems (Series #167) (Paperback)

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Çesme, Izmir, Turkey, 27 June-8 July, 1988 r. portance of Energy Storage 1 B. 11lk1§ and S. Iaka Thermal Energy Storage Systems and Their Dynamic Behavior 11 W. J. Yang Second Law Optimization of Thermal Energy Storage Systems: 37 Fundaaentals and Sensible Heat Systems R. J. Irane Second Law Optimization of Thermal Energy Storage Systems: 69 Latent Heat Systems R. J. Irane Design, Optimization and Control of a Thermal Energy Storage System 89 Y. Jaluria A MOdel for Energy Retrieval from a Thermal Storage 117 G. Cossali, G. de Giorgio and L. Mazzarella Storage of Solar Thermal Energy 129 S. Iaka . E. Payko and Y. Yener Thermal Energy Storage and Extraction in Solar Ponds 163 Y. Jaluria Phase Change Heat Transfer in Cylindrical Domain: MOdelling and 191 Its Importance in the Thermal Energy Storage M. Toksoy and B. Z. ilken Solar Energy Storage in Packed Beds 231 W. J. Yang Expert. ental and Numerical MOdelling of Solar Energy Storage in 249 Rockbeds and Encapsulated Phase Change Material Packings J. M. Buchlin New Approaches to Heat Storage in Buildings 303 C. J. Swet Thermal Energy Storage for Cooling in Commercial Buildings 315 H. Akbari and A. Mertol Cool Storage for Solar and Conventional Air Conditioning 349 C. J. Swet The Importance of Heat Storage When Using Cogeneration Plants in Cold 369 Climates A. Haag Gravity-Assisted Melting in Enclosures 383 S. Sengupta and S. K. Roy Energy Storage and Nuclear Reactors 415 N. Aybers Comparison of Solar-Hydrogen with Synthetic Fossil Fuels 431 T. N. • ISBN:9789401075589 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2011-10-01




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NATO Science Series E:



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Sadik Kakaç, Birol Kilkis


Energy Storage Systems



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October, 2011

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