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BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich BFGoodrich Commercial T/A All Season 2 215/85-16 115 R Tire

BF Goodrich BFGoodrich Commercial T/A All Season 2 215/85-16 115 R Tire

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BFGoodrich Commercial T/A All-Season 2 All-Terrain Tire

long-lasting tread and extra durability for SUV, pickup, van and commercial vehicles. Delivering extra toughness and reliable All-Season traction for extended workdays, the Commercial T/A All-Season 2 provides predictable handling and year-round traction on roads that are dry, wet, and have light snow. The Commercial T/A A/S 2?s inside construction consists of a two-ply polyester cord body that balances a smooth ride with durability, while the twin steel belts fortified by spirally wrapped nylon help preserve the tire's shape for enhanced performance at highway speeds.

The high-traction, symmetric tread pattern employs a chip- and tear-resistant compound with rigid shoulder blocks enabling the Commercial T/A All-Season 2 to resist uneven wear and ride straight and true. To increase tire longevity, the optimized footprint helps evenly distribute pressure across the tread surface. The CoolWedge shoulder insert increases cooling for prolonged life compared to the Commercial T/A All-Season 2?s predecessor, the Commercial T/A All-Season. Four wide, circumferential grooves quickly expel water from the contact patch to help reduce the chance of hydroplaning. The independent tread blocks create biting edges to increase traction in slick conditions.

BFGoodrich Commercial T/A All-Season 2 Tire
  • Extra durability in urban and suburban settings
  • Reinforced Design
  • Commercial Ready Casings
  • City Traffic Designed Treads
  • Excellent Wet/Dry Traction


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BF Goodrich



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