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Berkley Fishing Lure Kits

Berkley Fishing Lure Kits

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The Berkley Panfish Fishing Gift Kit features line, lures, and baits developed to target panfish. The Gulp! Earthworm baits look real but use scent dispersion to draw in fish from afar. If targeting crappie, tip your Essentials Round Ball Jig with a PowerBait Chroma Glow Crappie Nibble – the glow enables fish to zone in on your jig. Berkley’s PowerBait formula entices fish to hold on 18 times longer after biting, giving more time to set the hook. The Flicker Shad imitates a fleeing baitfish to attract panfish. All baits can be used with the Trilene XL monofilament.

• BUL 1: BERKLEY PANFISH FISHING GIFT PACK: The perfect gift for the anglers in your life, this kit includes everything you need to reel in panfish. Includes line, lures, and bait for a successful day on the water.
• BUL 2: TRILENE XL FISHING LINE (x 1): Smooth casting fishing line for maximum manageability that resists twists and kinks. Boasting incredible strength and sensitivity, the Trilene XL line is suitable for a variety of baits and techniques.
• BUL 3: BERKLEY ESSENTIALS ROUND BALL JIGS (x 7): Sharp, strong, and engineered for reliable performance make these round ball jigs essential for every tackle bag. Designed with no paint in the hook eye for easy, fast line connection.
• BUL 4: POWERBAIT CHROMA-GLOW CRAPPIE NIBBLES (x 1): Soft, long-lasting nibbles glow the color you see and are easy to use. The PowerBait formula scent disperses to attract crappie and panfish, enticing fish to bite and hold on 18 times longer.
• BUL 5: GULP! EARTHWORM SOFT BAIT (x 1 pouch): The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish. Durable, easy to maintain, and suitable for many species, these are an ideal substitute for live worms.
• BUL 6: BERKLEY FLICKER SHAD HARD BAIT (x 1): Designed by pros for a size, profile, and dive depth to imitate real shad. The unique action creates a “flicker” that mirrors a real fleeing baitfish. Equipped with sharp Fusion19 hooks.
• BUL 7: OUR STORY: The Berkley story involves hard work and struggle leading to unexpected success. The research and development that goes into our products results in innovative fishing gear with one purpose: to help you catch more fish.




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