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Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell Bionic Floodlight, Outdoor Solar Lights with Motion Sensor

Bell and Howell Bionic Floodlight, Outdoor Solar Lights with Motion Sensor

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The Bionic Floodlight by Bell and Howell is the Solar Powered Motion Sensor, multi-directional floodlight that absorbs the sun all day by using the on-board solar panel so that at night it will shower a span of light. Additionally no wiring or complicated installations is needed - simply install right out of the box, and you're done. Three (3) swiveling LED Panels enable focusing light output or orientation to a certain corner or section in your yard or home giving you light where you need it, when you need it with 360 degrees and 600 sq ft beam spread. Freely mount the Bionic Floodlight to a single spot without worrying dark corners that light cannot reach. Tip: Mount unit in strategic locations or areas with no obstructions so light can easily reach other sections.
  • Bionic Floodlight is fully automatic, but it also comes with the convenience of a remote control with easy-to-use 1-touch buttons so you can control the mounted floodlight from the comfort of your bedroom or living room at night.
  • Nearby movement triggers all three panels of the Motion Sensor Bionic Floodlight to activate at once and automatically shuts off a few seconds after the motion stops. Secondary option is an Alert Security STROBE light function that will scare away unwanted intruders and even small animals like racoons or opossums messing away with your trash.
  • 108 Industrial-grade LED bulbs and 3.6 Watts creates for a super bright floodlight that consumes very little energy. The Bionic Floodlight has 3 (three) adjustable panels that can be oriented to any direction, allowing you to focus light output to a preferred or desired location around your home or on to a corner in your yard in seconds. The Bionic Spotlight’s powerful LED bulbs brighten up an area over 600 square feet, 360 degrees.
  • Bionic Floodlight does not utilize electricity or batteries. Instead, it has a built-in solar panel that absorbs and stores clean, solar power during the day and uses up that same stored energy for an all-nights worth of illuminating power. The Bionic Floodlight comes wireless, allowing for an easy, quick, and hassle-free installation. Stake it in the ground or attach it vertically on a wall adjacent to a pathway.
  • The Bionic Floodlight is designed to withstands extreme conditions and the 4 seasons, and is useable all-year round, and remains fully operational even in snow or ice. Premium casing from Bell+Howell is heat resistant. Great for patio, garden, lawn, or porch and even indoor or inside your home.



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Bell and Howell

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