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BalanceFrom 3 in 1 - 20"x24"x30" Foam Plyometric Box Jumping Exercise

BalanceFrom 3 in 1 - 20"x24"x30" Foam Plyometric Box Jumping Exercise

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If you want to get back into shape, burn away those unsightly love handles, get a strong body from top to bottom, and be a healthy person in general, it's time to start working out, and there is no better place to start than with the BalanceFrom 3 in 1 20" x 24" x 30" foam plyometric box jumping exercise. You may be wondering why play boxes are so great and why we would even be talking about them. Well, the fact of the matter is that the benefits of play boxes are very diverse and can go a very long way in making you a fit and healthy person with a fantastic-looking beach body. Play boxes aren't just for people training for a specific sport though, because they hold the same benefits for everybody and anybody.

  • Two Styles: Regular style weighs 16 pounds, heavy-duty style weights 60 pounds
  • No injuries: Durable foam material so you don't have to worry about getting injured
  • Anti-slip: The surface is slip-free, meaning you can have stability with every single set of jumps
  • Specifications - Material: Foam
  • Heavy: 58 - 60 Pounds

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