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Avid Pro Tools Dock

Avid Pro Tools Dock

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Mixing deadlines have met their match
Pro Tools Dock provides intelligent studio control in a portable, ergonomic, and affordable surface. Integrated with your iPad, you get the quick touchscreen access and tactile precision control you need to edit and mix projects faster. And when paired with Pro Tools | S3, you gain new touch workflows and custom control.

Mix with speed and precision
Mixing can be tedious with a keyboard and mouse alone. Or lacking in tactile feedback with just a touchscreen. With the combination of touchscreen, fader, knob, and switch control, you gain incomparable navigation speed and tactile precision to create better sounding mixes faster.

Jump to any track or section with a touch
Create custom macros to perform complex tasks instantly. And mix with your ears?not your eyes?with ergonomic controls you can feel at your fingers.

Expand your versatility
Forget limiting yourself to a single application, workflow, or industry. With the Pro Tools | Dock and your iPad, you can boost your creative opportunities. Work with multiple software tools in parallel instead of porting projects. Get extensive Pro Tools integration. Handle every aspect of a production from beginning to end. Mix music, audio post, and video projects. And extend the capabilities of Pro Tools | S3. All from a single
integrated control surface.

Work with your favorite creative tools
Experience the deepest level of integration and control with Pro Tools. Plus, get exceptional control of Logic Pro X, Cubase, and other EUCON-enabled DAWs. Because the Dock is EUCON-aware, it automatically switches its controls to the application in focus on your computer. Or you can lock down parts of the surface to specific software for multi-application control.

Get major control at a minor price
No other control solution offers the incredible power of tactile and touch control, previously only found in the acclaimed Pro Tools | S6, at a fraction of its size and price. Gain powerful touchscreen capabilities, Attention ?Super? Channel control, and Soft Knob mapping when you dock your iPad running the free Pro Tools | Control app. Plus, access software key commands, functions, and shortcuts, as well as interact with EQ, dynamics, and other parameters right from the surface.

Get deep Pro Tools integration
When paired with Pro Tools, the Dock becomes an extension of your software. Access hundreds of key commands, shortcuts, and UI elements without clicking a mouse. Record, edit, mix, and automate tracks right from the surface. Adjust EQ, dynamics, plug-ins, and other parameters. Get dedicated access to advanced automation modes. And create custom Soft Keys to perform practically any Pro Tools function, or recall layouts to the surface, with a single button press.

? Take control of Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and other audio and video software
? Speed up editing and mixing by integrating your iPad and free Pro Tools | Control app
? Get extensive touchscreen and tactile control, plus critical visual feedback
? Access and adjust EQ, panning, plug-ins, send Avid Pro Tools Dock



Pro Tools,Dock Control Surface

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16.90 x 19.70 x 8.70 Inches

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