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Arrow Gamera: The Heisei Trilogy (Blu-ray)

Arrow Gamera: The Heisei Trilogy (Blu-ray)

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After laying dormant for fifteen years, Gamera was rebooted for the big screen in a smash hit trilogy masterminded by director Shusuke Kaneko (Necronomicon), writer Kazunori Ito (Ghost in the Shell) and visual effects director Shinji Higuchi (who went on to co-direct Shin Godzilla). Trading the campy, kid-friendly surrealism of the earlier films for a darker, more realistic tone and jaw-droppingly innovative special effects, the Heisei Trilogy are still regarded today as among the best - and by some, the very best - kaiju films ever made. Gamera: The Heisei Trilogy (Blu-ray)


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Movie Genre

Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Tsuyoshi Ihara


303 min


Shusuke Kaneko



Studio & Production Company

Arrow Video

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5.40 x 7.50 x 0.70 Inches

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