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Andrew S Blum; Seward B Rutkove

Andrew S Blum; Seward B Rutkove The Clinical Neurophysiology Primer (Paperback)

Andrew S Blum; Seward B Rutkove The Clinical Neurophysiology Primer (Paperback)

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LIST OF CHAPTERS FOR CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY PRIMER BLUM/RUTKOVE-Revised I. Basic Considerations 1. Basic Electronics in Clinical Neurophysiology - Andrew Blum, Christopher Sinclair, Mason Gasper 2. Basic CNS Physiology and Cortical Basis of EEG - Gregory Holmes, Roustem Kazipov 3. Ions, Membrane Potentials and Electrical Properties of Nerves - Devanand Jillapalli, Jeremy Shefner 4. Introduction to Volume Conduction - Seward Rutkove II. EEG 5. The Normal EEG in an Adult - Donald Schomer 6. Activation of the EEG - Barbara A. Dworetzky, Edward B. Bromfield, Nanon E. Winslow 7. Normal Variant EEG Patterns - Richard Cervone, Andrew Blum 8. Epileptiform Abnormalities - Bernard Chang, Frank Drislane 9. Focal and Generalized Slowing, Coma and Brain Death - Edward Donnelly, Andrew Blum 10. Normal Pediatric EEG - Ann Bergin, Blaise Bourgeois 11. Pediatric EEG Abnormalities - James Riviello III. EMG 12. Neurophysiology of Nerve Conduction Studies - James Carress, Seward Rutkove, Gregory Esper 13. Technical, Physiological, and Anatomical Considerations in Nerve Conduction Studies - James Carress 14. Introduction to the Needle Electrode Examination - Seward Rutkove, Gregory J. Esper 15. Mononeuropathies of the Upper and Lower Extremity - Milind Kothari, Kevin R. Scott 16. Electrophysiology of Polyneuropathy - Annabel Wang, Seward Rutkove 17. Radiculopathy and Motor Neuron Disorders - Elizabeth Raynor, Juan A. Acosta 18. Electrophysiology and Brachial and Lumbosacral Plexopathies - Elizabeth Raynor, Juan A. Acosta 19. Evaluation of the Cranial Nerves - George Sachs 20. Electrophysiology of Myopathy: Approach to the Patient with Myopathy in the EMG Laboratory - Nithi S. Anand, David Chad 21. Neurophysiology of Neuromuscular Transmission and Disorders - James M. Gilchrist 22. Pediatric Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography - Peter B. Kang IV. Autonomic, EP, and Sleep 23. Polysomnography and Sleep Disorders - Jean Matheson, Andreja Packard, randip Singh 24. Autonomic Nervous System Testing - Roy Freeman, Frederick Nahm 25. Visual Evoked Potentials - Frank Drislane 26. Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials - Andrew Blum, Jacob R. Berger 27. Somatosensory Evoked Potentials - Andrew Blum, Jacob R. Berger 28. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - Alvaro Pascual - Leone, Masahito Kobayashi • ISBN:9781617372933 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2010-12-08





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Andrew S Blum, Seward B Rutkove


The Clinical Neurophysiology Primer



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December, 2010

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