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Achilles Desert Hawk HT 275/60R17 110 H Tire

Achilles Desert Hawk HT 275/60R17 110 H Tire

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The Achilles Desert Hawk HT is an all-season tire specially developed for drivers looking for year-round traction, reliable handling, and comfort. Ideal for sports utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and vans, the Achilles Desert Hawk HT adds a sporty appeal to any vehicle with its large diameter wheels and wide, low profile tires. Enhancing this even further is the raised black letter styling on both sidewalls. It also features a symmetrical tread pattern which drains water efficiently and increases resistance to hydroplaning. This helps the tires have better traction on roads that are wet and slippery. The large shoulder blocks improve strength and stiffness so you get to enjoy superior handling and breaking when driving on the highway. And because it has an optimized block, it produces less noise and unevenness. This means you and your passengers can enjoy peaceful rides even when travelling at long distances. To get the most out of the Achilles Desert Hawk HT, it is recommended to use it in sets of four.
  • Block design is optimized to reduce road noises for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • Two wide straight grooves within the tread channel water away from the tire for better traction on wet roads
  • Large shoulder blocks improve strength, especially when driving at higher speeds
  • Tread pattern promotes a longer service life
  • Ideal for use on SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans


Tire Size


Vehicle Type

Light Truck

Tire Width

275 mm

Wheel Diameter


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