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Accelera Iota 255/60R17 110 V Tire

Accelera Iota 255/60R17 110 V Tire

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DELTAMAX Tire manufacturing is a long, complex process that most of us don’t think about. There are a lot of different ingredients, machines, and technologies involved, but here’s the rundown on ours: Accelera tires are made in Indonesia using our in-house DeltaMax technology. Developed especially for drivers that care about the role of tire technology in enhancing vehicle performance and safety, Accelera tires offer durability, handling, and traction without compromising on tire life, so you don’t need to sacrifice on tire life for tire performance, and vice versa. We use a silica compound to achieve grip and prevent aquaplaning on wet conditions. Accelera tires are designed to reduce noise levels and carbon dioxide emissions to minimize rolling resistance and save energy. The double, strong steel belt tied by a cap layer adds a strong grip on uneven road surfaces while staying stable during high speeds. The tire has a strong. flexible sidewall to absorb shocks on rough surfaces. Most importantly, the Accelera DeltaMax technology automates all aspects of the tire production process, so you get a perfect tire, every time. Accelera Iota 255/60R17 110 V


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255 mm

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