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(24 Pack) Friskies Wet Cat Food Pate Farm Favorites With Chicken and Carrots in a Pull-Top Can, 5.5 oz. Pull-Top Cans

(24 Pack) Friskies Wet Cat Food Pate Farm Favorites With Chicken and Carrots in a Pull-Top Can, 5.5 oz. Pull-Top Cans

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Choose a wholesome soft cat food meal option for your adult cat that provides all the essential nutrients they need and the yummy taste they deserve with Purina Friskies Canned Cat Food Farm Favorites Pate With Chicken and Carrots. Made with natural, farm-raised chicken, this flavorful canned cat food pate recipe contains high-quality protein to help support their strong, lean muscles. Carrots in this pate cat food to lend variety to their meals. Your playful, funny friend gets all the scrumptious taste they love and expect from Friskies delivered in a soft, finely-ground pate texture that's easy for their little mouth to manage. Friskies Farm Favorites wet cat food contains no artificial colors or preservatives. When you open a convenient pull-top can, you can be sure they’re getting 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult cats in every delicious serving. Make mealtime more exciting by feeding this Friskies pate recipe with Friskies Farm Favorites dry cat food. Made with natural, farm-raised chicken with flavors of carrots and spinach, this kibble recipe delivers a satisfying crunch that's a healthy addition to their pate cat food. Making your best feline friend happy is a commitment you take seriously. You love seeking out new foods and treats that keep them energized, engaged and connected to you. Friskies knows that the rich emotional relationship you share with your cat companion is strengthened every time you serve them a yummy meal or reward them with a favorite treat. That's why Friskies spends so much time formulating new recipes that give both of you the joy of discovery. The entire line of Friskies Farm Favorites wet and dry cat foods is crafted in Purina-owned facilities. Purina conducts daily quality and safety checks across these facilities for your peace of mind. You can rest easy when you bring Friskies products into your home because Friskies is as dedicated to your cat's health and happiness as you are.
  • Friskies canned cat food formula made with natural, farm-raised chicken with carrots
  • Palate-pleasing chicken canned cat food pate texture with no artificial colors or preservatives
  • 100 percent complete and balanced Purina wet food, including essential nutrients to help them thrive
  • Soft cat food that’s rich in high-quality protein to help support strong muscles
  • Pate cat food packaged in convenient pull-top cat food cans for easy serving




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